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Chair on public consultation launch of our new Climate Emergency Strategy  12 March 2020

Originally posted here: It is of course a challenging time to be launching this consultation. With the concern about the spread of the coronavirus, many people will not be …

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Reading’s first Adaptation Plan  14 January 2020

As Chair of the Reading Climate Change Partnership, I was really pleased to commissioned the first Adaptation Plan for Reading. This will help us to understand some of the climate-related risks that we face in our town. It will also give us some guidance about how we should respond to prepare for these changes.

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Things you can do about climate change – Interview with Chris Beales (RCCP Chair)  28 June 2019

Originally posted as: This is the third in the series of interviews with Ayo Sokale, in which Ayo asks me ‘…what things you can do about climate change’.  I hope …

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