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Stern Review: Economics of Climate Change  1 January 2010

The IPCC received a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, which is a strong recognition of their work for humanity. You will now find that every political leader in the world knows that climate change is happening. Some of them may be paying lip service to the issue but they know it is important. One of the key things that convinced politicians was an economic paper: the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change. The conclusions of this paper were that climate change will cost between 5% and 20% of global GDP(Gross Domestic Product), each year (now and forever), if we don’t do anything about it. This compares to a cost of 1% of global GDP to do something about it if we start now. There is nothing quite like hitting our leaders in the wallet to persuade them to start taking it seriously!

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Brittle Sky  15 October 2008

Brittle Sky (released 2008) is a 12 track album that captures the mature sound of Static Rain. There is sophistication in there with a wild edge, like a 1999 Dom Perignon over broken glass. It looks sexy, sounds powerful and we are really pleased with it!

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Album cover Dewpoint  1 December 2004

Dewpoint is our first album (released 2004). It was written recorded, produced and engineered by the band using our own digital multitrack recording equipment. Eleven tracks put down in a converted barn in deepest, darkest Wales…

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Album cover Moment of Clarity  30 September 2001

Static Rain’s first professional recording (Released in 2001). Three tracks were recorded and mixed at Dream of Oswald studios…an experience we wouldn’t have missed for anything!

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