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It was my great pleasure to attend the InterClimate network (ICN) National Summit, on the 27 June. And it is great that the RCCP have been able to contribute towards the work of ICN, and helped to support the event.

The day itself was fantastic…it did help that it was held at Portcullis House, and was attended by MPs, which gave it a real feeling of importance. There were schools in attendance from across the country, sharing ideas and inspiration. There was a brilliant energy in the room.

Read the full write-up on the ICN website here: http://interclimate.org/projects/climate-voices/national-summit

Little Heath school represented Reading

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you both for giving us the opportunity to attend the conference today. It was very well organised and our students were really inspired by your guest speakers and the students from the other schools, as were we, as teachers. The students already have plenty of ¬†ideas to take back to Little Heath and are already planning to meet the head to kick start some campaigns.¬†

As a school we already look at food insecurity and actively support our local food bank, as well as looking at ways in which we can save water. We now have fresh ideas for plastics and energy efficiency in the school and look forward to making more changes and educating our students.”

E Park, Head of Geography, Little Heath School

Little Heath School student giving feedback to plenary after a workshop (Chris in the background)

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