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Speaking at the Reading Adaptation Plan launch

I have set up this website to share thoughts mostly about Climate Change, it's impacts and what we can do about it. You may also find useful articles in my bookmarks or Twitter feed. And if you like music, do check out my band Avian's website.

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Lets think about Adaptation following COP26

Well COP26 happened. There were a couple of little steps forward but there is still a long way to go. There is a good report on the talks in the Carbon Brief here.

There is a lot to digest. The UK global leadership didn’t shine, which is sad. There were too many fossil fuel lobbyists (as ever). And we are still haven’t got a commitment to stabilise emissions at 2°C … commitments currently give us an estimated 2.7°C world (assuming they are honoured). It means we need to be definitely focused on adaptation and resilience, in this country as as much as any other in the world.

A busy week

It is great to have a climate change focus for me this week….

Ariel photograph Changing Climates, Changing Landscapes: Urban event
22 November 2021

I am delighted to be on the panel for this event on Friday 26 November: As our climate changes, how do we protect British landscapes and encourage resilience amongst their local communities ? Join us to discover how communities have coped with environmental change in the past and the lessons we can all learn from this, as we deal with the effects of climate change happening right now. How are these landscapes altering and what adaptations do we need to make to ensure our management of them is sustainable?

Flood : Prepare Act Survive Flood action campaign 2021
22 November 2021

Post on ReadingCAN website: Did you know that a staggering 6 out of 10 people who live in flood risk areas across the country do not believe their homes could flood? The Environment Agency are running their annual flood action campaign (Prepare. Act. Survive). The Flood Action campaign launches on 22 November 2021, which is the start of Flood Action week. This year the Flood Action campaign will run until March and is focused on helping people know what action they can take in a flood, to protect themselves, their families, properties or businesses.

CDP cities logo Reading added to Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) ‘A’ List
23 November 2021

I am very happy to see that Reading has been added to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) 'A' List on Climate Action. Out of more than 1000 towns and cities worldwide, Reading is one of just 95 towns (10 in the UK) to receive top score on climate action. It has been great to be a part of that journey with the ReadingCAN (Climate Action Network). Knowing that the town has a strong strategy and adaptation plan is a really important part of that. Fingers-crossed that we can keep up the momentum for the future.

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