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It is 10 years since I finished working on my original Climate Change information website. These were pages I put together to help make sense of climate change. At the time there were a lot of sources of information but most seemed to be either too simple or too complex, and not telling the whole story. I have been meaning to update them for a while. Now I have finished my term as chair of the Reading Climate Change Partnership, I have started rearranging things ready for new content.

Each page delves into part of story of climate change. And you can explore further through the posts related to each page (category).

About each page

The Climate Change issue

Climate change will have serious consequences for ourselves and for much of life on Earth. This page explores what it is, and reflects on what has happened over the last decade: Why haven’t we fixed it yet? And how optimistic am I now?

Consequences Page

The aim of this section is to try and give you a picture of how the world will change through the effects of global warming. There are global consequences from the changing weather patterns, and other associated impacts. What will these mean to you and me? I focus right in on changes we can expect to see in my home town of Reading to help illustrate what climate change will be like. From this you can hopefully get a feel for how much things will change in other parts of the world. Notice that it will make a big difference to the future if we cut down on our emissions now!

photoEmissions | Zero Carbon

To reduce (i.e. mitigate) the more serious consequences of Climate Change, we must reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases. The UK has an important role in influencing / leading the world by following our emissions reduction targets. This section aims to show what these targets are, where the challenges are and how well we are doing. I start by looking at UK emission targets in detail. I then move on to discuss the outcome of the Copenhagen summit, and what is meant by the targets they discussed.


Climate change is happening at the moment. The evidence for this, and the consequences are discussed in the previous climate change pages. Even if we cut carbon emissions to zero today, we still need to get ready for the changes to weather patterns that we are tied-in-to. It will take 30 years or so for the system to find an equilibrium. And it is a different, hotter, more extreme world that we face. Adaptation is the term we us for getting ready for these changes.

Personal Action | ReadingCAN

We are all part of the global warming problem. We all make and impact: we all have a carbon footprint. We all need to start being part of the solution. This page aims to point you in the direction of some personal changes that you can make to help reduce the impact of climate change. It’s partly about what you do in your personal life, the choices you make, the things you do‚Ķand don’t do. It is also about electing the right leaders and making sure they build the sustainable infrastructure that we need to live in.

Public Presentations

This page has information on some of the presentations that I have give on various climate change related topics.

Recent Climate Change Posts

CDP cities logo Reading added to Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) ‘A’ List
23 November 2021

I am very happy to see that Reading has been added to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) 'A' List on Climate Action. Out of more than 1000 towns and cities worldwide, Reading is one of just 95 towns (10 in the UK) to receive top score on climate action. It has been great to be a part of that journey with the ReadingCAN (Climate Action Network). Knowing that the town has a strong strategy and adaptation plan is a really important part of that. Fingers-crossed that we can keep up the momentum for the future.

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