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We are a three-piece acoustic/progressive original rock band from Reading UK.

  • Chris Bealessongwriter, lead singer & acoustic guitar – see more about Chris’ music here
  • Jamie Meaddrums – Jamie plays in a variety of bands, as well as teaching the next generation to hit things in time
  • Mark Smithbass guitar & backing vocals – Mark is also in a few other bands, including the great Static Rain with Chris
Image from us playing at the Turks Head – Oct 2022
A Circle of Stones from the Turks Head gig
A Trick of the Light from the Butler gig (Oct 22)
Rock Star from the Butler gig (Oct 22)
The Return of the Sun album
Album cover
The Return of the Sun album cover

The Return of the Sun was recorded in 2018. We released tracks 1-3 and 8 as a demo EP before the release the full album in 2020. We really hope you enjoy it!

You can buy the album from Bandcamp (it’s only £6 including VAT).

Take care


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