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Climate change is happening at the moment. The evidence for this, and the consequences are discussed in the previous climate change pages. Even if we cut carbon emissions to zero today, we still need to get ready for the changes to weather patterns that we are tied-in-to. It will take 30 years or so for the system to find an equilibrium. And it is a different, hotter, more extreme world that we face.

Adaptation is the term we us for getting ready for these changes. It is something that I have been thinking about for a number of years. From my former role, in the Environment Agency, where I worked on a project looking at catchment based adaptation planning tools; to my lead in the Reading Climate Change Partnership, where I have pushed for adaptation to be taken as seriously as the zero carbon agenda.

There is a lot more to write on this. Something that I will focus on when I get the rest of the website plugged together in its new home.

Recent Adaptation Posts

Reading’s first Adaptation Plan
14 January 2020

As Chair of the Reading Climate Change Partnership, I was really pleased to commissioned the first Adaptation Plan for Reading. This will help us to understand some of the climate-related risks that we face in our town. It will also give us some guidance about how we should respond to prepare for these changes.

Personal Adaptation
1 March 2010

Even if we manage to completely stop all emissions of greenhouse gases right now, we can't undo the changes we have already made. We have increased the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by 50% over the past 250 years. The way the atmosphere works means that its reactions are likely to be delayed so the changes are only starting to show themselves. We will need to adapt to a changing world, and this means us as individuals as well: are you ready for heat waves; thinking about adapting your house / garden; and do you need to worry about flooding?

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