May – Beltane 2020

It’s spring – it’s 2020 – time for some new beginnings for me. That was the plan anyway. Like the rest of the world though, Covid-19 has turned things upside-down. It is frustrating trying to get things done with a toddler in lockdown but, fingers-crossed, everything is ok here. My sympathies are with everyone who has been affected. And deep gratitude to everyone who is keeping us safe at the moment. I wrote more about this, and thoughts about some positive impacts, in this recent post for the Reading Climate Action Network (ReadingCAN):

I’ve been rolling through a lot of emotions this week. I stepped down as chair of the Reading Climate Change Partnership on Tuesday. It was sad to end via video conference but good to hear the positive feedback from the board. It may take a while but I am looking forward to getting together for a drink with everyone to celebrate. I got a lot done in my time as chair, and happily achieved almost all of what I set in my vision. There are a lot of new things, like the ReadingCAN, the new website and the new Strategy, which I really hope will grow and flourish. I feel nervous about letting go but my two years are finished now, and it is time to move on. The new co-chairs (Tim and Tracey) will serve us well through what will be a interesting next chapter…hopefully one that involves finding money and resources to help us deliver for Reading.

I’m not disappearing: I remain on the board, as the lead for the Water theme, and for Adaptation. I am looking forward to a bit more freedom now though. Leading the partnership has taken up a lot of my energy. I am going to take a bit of time to reflect now, and see what opportunities there are to help make a positive difference on communicating and adapting to climate change.

There is the band as well. This summer I was hoping for the – long overdue – launch of our new album. Lockdown obviously makes a mess out of those plans but we need to get the album out there digitally anyway (watch this space over the next few weeks). We will just have to twiddle our thumbs until we can get out and gig…what a thought…there will be hugs a-plenty!

Take care all – and hope to see you soon.


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