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The Return of the Sun | Avian (2018)

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The Rise of Icarus | Chris Beales (2014)

Brittle Sky | Static Rain (2008)

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Ragged Valentine | Chris Beales (2008)

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Dewpoint | Static Rain (2004)

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Moment of Clarity | Static Rain (2001)

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Album cover The Rise of Icarus album
31 March 2015

The Rise of Icarus is my second acoustic album. I recorded it with some great musicians and friends, who I have been gigging with recently. The bulk of it was recorded live - on one hot day in July 2014... have a listen here.

Brittle Sky
15 October 2008

Brittle Sky (released 2008) is a 12 track album that captures the mature sound of Static Rain. There is sophistication in there with a wild edge, like a 1999 Dom Perignon over broken glass. It looks sexy, sounds powerful and we are really pleased with it!

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