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Me presenting the new Reading Adaptation Plan

I have given a lot of presentations over the years, on a variety of climate change related and other subjects. I do enjoy the chance to talk to a new audience. And I take great pleasure in passing on what I have learned, and in helping to explain some often complex issues and ideas.

Some of the topics that I have covered are listed below. Please do get in touch if you are interested in me talking to your group or organisation (my contact details are at the bottom of the page).

  • Extreme events and the link to climate change
  • Where Reading gets its water from
  • Historic and future flooding, notably on the River Thames
  • About the Reading Climate Change Partnership, our new Strategy and the new Reading Climate Action Network
  • Climate change and health
  • Climate change and heat
  • UK climate emission targets
  • The UK climate projections and what we can expect for Reading
  • Catchment Climate Change Adaption Plans – a new risk assessment for the Water Framework Directive, second cycle River Basin Plans
  • Scenario Testing Tools – a new concept for river catchment climate adaptation planning
  • The first Climate Change Adaptation Plan that I commissioned for Reading

Recent Presentations Posts

Link to: How does it make you feel…?

Microsite I've set up to share songs, and meanings, for the ‘How does it make you feel…?’ event, which will be online at 7pm on Saturday 14 November. And part of the Reading Climate Festival 2020. It promises to be an interesting and heartfelt conversation so we really hope you can join us on the night.

screenshot Talking at Reading Town Meal 2020
30 September 2020

It was great to be able to share some of the things we are planning to do in our new Reading Climate Emergency Strategy last night. Many thanks to Michael Bright, and all at Reading Town Meal, for organising the event and for keeping things going despite the Covid restrictions.

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