A new album brewing

Just back from a fun afternoon, playing at the Enchanted Market. It was nice to play an acoustic set. I have many happy memories of being on that scene as a solo performer…but it’s so much better with the band!

Anyway, as I mentioned to the audience, these are exciting times for us. Last weekend we had our final mixing session for the new Avian album. The mercury hit 33 degrees C in the room. A hot day to forge a record but blimey is it sounding good!

The 8 songs are crying out to be cut into vinyl. That may be a bit ambitious but we’re going to lay things out so it will work as an LP. Watch this space on that…and you may be able to help us.

Meanwhile, we are going to release 3 of the songs digitally. I’ll update this post next week when they are available…

Catch you soon | Chris

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