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The Rise of Icarus

There was this boy, with wings of wax and feathers, who flew too close to the sun...but you know that one: that was the fall of Icarus...

...The Rise of Icarus is a song about what happened next. Did Icarus fall into the sea, into the corals, and then some geological ages of shifting rocks cast him up on that sunny hill? Or did he just crash down a long way from home, in a chalk vale, in the southern hills of Albion? Well here he is anyway, picking himself up – with his guitar – wondering what the hell happened...

My new album

The Rise of Icarus is my second acoustic album. I recorded it with some great musicians and friends, who I have been gigging with recently. The bulk of it was recorded live - on one hot day in July 2014 - with Stu Young (percussion) and Paul Hancock (whistles & aeolian pipes). Over a couple more sessions, Damon Sawyer (recording engineer) and I recorded Phil Berry (double bass), Serine Tucci (backing vocals) and George Heslop (accordion)...and I added a couple of solo songs to finish the job.

Click here to listen to some of the songs from the album on my Band Camp page. And let me know if you'd like to buy a copy of the CD, I really appreciate your support! :o)

The album was all recorded, mixed and mastered at Platform Studios (near Reading). I wanted a good sound, and thanks to Damon and the musicians, it sounds fantastic! It also looks amazing thanks to my sister, who designed the brilliant cover art!

Track list

    01 - Bad boy blues

    02 - Pearls

    03 - Forsaken

    04 - Nice day

    05 - Always the falling kind

    06 - Carolyn

    07 - Apollo and the Goddess

    08 - Summertime

    09 - The rise of Icarus

    10 - The picture taker

    11 - The river