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I've designed this website to be simple to use, and is free from any flashy bits of programming so you should find it both safe and responsive. The site is not interactive so I don't collect any personal information about you. There are no links to dodgy sites, and whilst there may be some poor grammar in places, there is no bad language. I hope that you can therefore feel confident to explore these pages no matter how old or young you are.

Climate Change Pages

  • All pictures on the site have titles, which you should be able to see if you hover over them with your mouse-pointer. I have used this idea to add additional notes in places, which you can see wherever hover over this symbol: [i]
  • If you are browsing these pages with smart phone / tablet you wont have a mouse-pointer. Not to worry though as you can click on the pictures: this will fire up a message with the picture title for you to read, and will also give you the option of opening the images as full size. [i]

Contacting me

If you want to get in touch please e-mail contact[@] or I'm @StaticRainChris on Twitter.

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Unless otherwise labelled, all materials displayed on this website (including text, images, music, programming and design) are copyright © 2006-2017 Chris Beales. All rights reserved. I assert my right to ensure that no alterations are made to these materials. I also assert my moral rights.