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I hope you find some useful information in my climate change pages about climate change, it's impacts and what we can do about it. You may also find useful articles in my blog posts, bookmarks or twitter feed below.

In late April 2018 I was delighted to be voted in as Chair of the Reading Climate Change Partnership (RCCP). I'll be serving for the next couple of years. And I'm looking forward to leading us through a period of growth, and the development of stronger links with communities and businesses across the town. These are challenging times. We need to regain the focus on climate change... something that has been sorely lacking over the last decade, despite the ever-more regular extreme weather events that we are seeing.

Happily Reading is in a positive place. We are just about to launch our new website (September 2018) - for the Reading Climate Action Network (RCAN). On the site we will share progress on the Reading Climate Change Strategy, and let you know about other climate change activities that you can get involved in.

Posts from RCAN

See the following posts for the latest things I've been involved with - there is plenty more to explore on the website.


The following feed contains links to climate change news items, scientific articles and other information that I have bookmarked recently.


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