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Chris Beales | Climate Change

I hope you find some useful information here about climate change, it's impacts and what we can do about it. If you are local to Reading, please look to the Reading Climate Action Network and GREN websites for more about local activities and ways to get involved.


photoJan 2017. It was great to have a second opportunity to present 'Reading's Water in a Changing World' with Michael Bright. I'll update this when the write up is available.

photoFeb 2017. We are updating the Reading Climate Change Strategy. This will be open for public consultation in about a month...again more information to follow.

photoApr 2016. I was very pleased to present my Extreme Events and Climate Change presentation on the 16th March (please follow the link to see the slideshow online). This was the first of four talks that we are running this year in Reading.

photoFeb 2016. Consultation on the draft Local Plan for Reading is open until 7 Mar. Please see New Local Plan page to see what is being proposed.

photoDec 2015. I am looking forward to meeting Reading Friends of the Earth to talk about climate change on 9th December at RISC. It will be a good opportunity to talk through my extreme events presentation.

photo28 Nov 2015. I was honoured and excited to be asked to play and speak at the Reading People's Climate Change March.

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The following feed contains links to climate change news items, scientific articles and other information that I have bookmarked recently.

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